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Welcome To Austin's Foremost Art Collective

The Collective's mission is to bring together a special group of collectors and like-minded people to explore creative and cultural curations in Austin's growing and unique art scene, the Central Texas region, and beyond.

Want to be a part of the collective? 


Unlock the incredible art scene in and around Austin with the Local Membership. 

  • Meet with featured artists and enjoy private tours of their studios

  • Receive invitations to private and commercial collections

  • Behind-the-scene tours of galleries and museums

  • VIP access to Austin's unusual outsider art events

  • Private views/exhibition openings 

  • Monthly newsletters about our artists and the latest events

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Open the possibility to travel outside of Austin and experience all the global art world has to offer. 

  • Special one-day trips to Austin's neighboring art scenes, including Houston and San Antonio 

  • VIP access, and unique, tailor-made tours around world-renowned art fairs, including Art Basel, and auctions in London 

  • Curator-led tours through the world's most famous museums 

  • For those wanting to collect, we offer a one-on-one consultation before any trip, to help make each trip as fruitful as possible

  • Invitations to receptions, exhibition openings, social events, and much more

Meet The Founder & Your Personal Art Advisor


Nick Campbell

CEO & Founder

Why did you want to start Campbell Art Collective?

Upon arriving in Austin, I was invited to organize a series of art talks at Soho House. During these talks I encountered many like-minded individuals, in the same boat as myself - new to Austin, recently moved for work or lifestyle reasons, from art-filled metropolises like San Francisco, New York, or London. Not only were we eager to find out what this new city of ours had to offer regarding artists, museums, and galleries, but we were also keen to meet new people and get submerged into a new community. Through my job as an Art Advisor, I quickly realized what an amazing art scene Austin had, so I felt responsible for creating more opportunities for this group to learn and interact. 

What do you want members to get out of their membership?

I would like members to fully experience the breadth of art that is on offer in and around Austin, whilst also giving opportunity to those who want to collect or explore other art world offerings while building relationships in this growing city. 

What differentiates your program from the others?

For The Local, I aim to build a collective that will help support the other programs on offer, at

The Blanton or The Contemporary, by introducing members to their programs and own memberships. However, coming from an independent angle, I have more freedom and flexibility in my programming, allowing me to schedule more, and add more diversity.


The Traveler is designed not just for Austinites, but art lovers everywhere. My experience as an independent art advisor since 2010 has given me great insight into how to navigate all aspects of the art world, allowing me to curate specifically for individual clients. With this knowledge, expertise, and access, the trips on offer are all bespoke curated trips that will explore all facets of the art world, offering unique, fun, art-filled experiences.

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