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The Local Membership 

$210 Monthly | $2,500 Annually

Member benefits include:  

  • Meeting with featured artists and enjoying private tours of their studios

  • Receiving invitations to private and commercial collections

  • Behind-the-scene tours of galleries and museums

  • VIP access to Austin's unusual outsider art events

  • Private views / exhibition openings 

  • Monthly newsletters about our artists and latest events

  • Members receive initial advisory services  

* Membership is limited during our inaugural year 

The Traveler Membership 

Benefits include:

  • Special one-day trips to Austin's neighboring art scenes, including Houston and San Antonio

  • VIP access, and unique, tailor-made tours around world-renowned art fairs, including Art Basel, and auctions in London 

  • Curator led tours through the world's most famous museums 

  • For those wanting to collect, we offer a one-on-one consultation before any trip, to help make each trip as fruitful as possible

  • Invitations to receptions, exhibition openings, social events, and much more

*Trip fees will be priced accordingly (Day trips to Austin's neighboring cities will start at $300; more in-depth trips throughout the US and overseas will start at $1,500) 

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