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Nick Campbell 

CEO & Founder 

In 2023 Nick Campbell established Campbell Art Collective in Austin, Texas, after having already established two art advisory firms - Narcissus Arts in 2010 and Campbell art Advisory in 2018. Nick is best known for Narcissus Arts, which focuses on works for £10,000 or less. He's a prominent figure in the art world, receiving several accolades over the years, including Spears Magazine's best consultant under 35 award in 2014.

Fast forward to 2021, Nick founded the American arm of Campbell Art Advisory LLC, an advisory firm based in Austin, Texas, specialising in more reputable works of contemporary art worldwide. The following year, Nick and his wife Kelly, an actress and art lover from Houston, decided to settle down in Austin. With his business, Campbell Art Advisory, and the couple's shared passion of art, Nick quickly noticed the greater potential of Austin's art scene. 

After hosting art panels, working with local artists, and meeting new people - from art newbies to experts - Nick realized that there was an opportunity to create a new art supporting community. As a result, he created Campbell Art Collective, a collective group of individuals who he guides through Austin's art scenes, greater Texas, and beyond.  

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