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Studio Visit with Austin's Rising Star, Artist RF. Alvarez

Artist RF. Alvarez, Austin’s rising star, graciously welcomed our Campbell Art Collective members into his studio for an exclusive viewing of his breathtaking still life and figurative works. With eloquence, RF. spoke about his journey to becoming an artist, sharing the personal stories behind each piece, the significance of his nocturnal color palette, and how his art draws from his experience as a queer man. Despite being a native Texan, RF. never envisioned returning to his home state until he met his husband, a true “Austinite”. Together, they've made Austin their home, and RF. Alvarez has flourished, finding pure joy in his identity as a queer man and his artistic pursuits. After experiencing his artworks firsthand, our members left with a profound personal connection to RF. Alvarez and his breathtaking artworks, which are poised to garner widespread global attention.

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